To Know Who We Are

What We Do

ReSkills OnDemand is an online platform for individuals or experienced instructors to list and promote their FUN activities and workshops, to reach out to the wider target group and to provide a superior browsing experience for interested people looking to acquire new hobbies or to bring their hobbies to the next level. ReSkills OnDemand looks out for FUN people and people who care about their quality of life. ReSkills OnDemand started by three FUN like-minded friends who aimed at creating a very resourceful platform to act as a moderator between the FUN instructors and FUN students, bridging them in a very efficient and FUN way.

Our Mission

Our mark and emphasis is the word “FUN”. We position ourselves to be the source of FUN activities, FUN classes, FUN learning, and FUN time. FUN HOBBY HOBBY FUN. We uphold this value and strive to supply the element of FUN to both kids and adults and individuals and groups. From the very beginning, we stress the importance to have a widely accepted and recognized review section for students to rate and comment on the instructors. We believe this review section serves a strong purpose to maintain the quality of each workshop and to justify and compliment the efforts each instructor puts in. As contents and reviews built up, our website will be a powerful and reliable source for hobby lovers and people looking for FUN stuff to do.