Chester is a graduate of BS Commerce Major in Marketing. He has been in the offline marketing industry for over a decade. He was also a Senior High School teacher in the subjects: Principles of Marketing, Business Org. & Management and Empowerment Technology.

Combining his marketing experiences with his teaching experience, he entered the freelancing world and started teaching online.

Chester is assisting people in upskilling and standing out in the world of freelancing. As a result, he founded UpSkill Freelancers Academy, which provides aspiring freelancers with the opportunity to become a better version of themselves while also increasing their income.

Chester loves to overdeliver in his classes. Catch any of his classes on ReSkills OnLive and ReSkills On-Demand!

1. Web design training
2. Graphic design training
3. Freelancing start-up training
4. Affiliate marketing training
5. Selling PLR products training
6. Community building training
7. Business automation training
8. Team building training }}


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