Finding Your True Happiness

    How long have you been searching for happiness? No matter who you are, a businessman, employee, parent, child, or something else. Are you among the people who are just like me in the past? Stressed out by things that are happening around you, you looked busy, successful, and doing a lot of things and yet you feel empty inside. Or on the contrary, you feel lost at what are you supposed to do to achieve and attain the happiness that you wanted.


    According to research, young people will start experiencing a decline in happiness starting from 18 years old and at their peak at the age of 45. Their happiness will start to rise again after the age of 55 and that is only if they can find a way to be happy in their life.


    Everybody is looking for happiness and even long for it and yet a lot of people seem to never achieve it. You could find your true happiness if you truly understand how to find it yourself. Be among the people who can successfully be happy no matter what circumstances you are in. So here is the paradox, happiness is not out there, it is already inside you. Do you know how to access, sequence, and strengthen it inside you?


    The objective of this training:

    -        Understand how to find and create happiness within you

    -        Know how to use the Neuro-Semantics technique in creating inside-out true happiness

    -        Being at peace with self and things that are happening around you



    -        Introduction: Being happy the right way according to research

    -        State & Meta-States Model

    -        Responsibility and Accountability to be the master or your own true happiness

    -        Unconditional self-value

    -        Differentiate between pleasure and true happiness

    -        Cognitive behavior and Neuro-Semantics techniques in creating true happiness.


    We will learn how to be truly happy using Cognitive Behaviour, Positive and Self-Actualization Psychology. Based on Neuro-Semantics NLP, come and join hundreds of people that have already learned these techniques and find their true happiness.


    Methodology: We will learn all this in five (5) online sessions via Zoom. All sessions will be in English.


    Facilitated by: Irvan Irawan Jie, Neuro-Semantics Trainer, and Certified Meta-Coach

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