Digital Audio Workstation Lvl 1

    A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is an app used to record, edit & mix audio.  DAW is used to produce songs, splice/merge background tracks for video, film scoring, and any audio needs.  In the world of social media/ online ads, the skill of using a DAW is essential.

    This Lvl 1 DAW course is a 6 hours teaching & demonstration.   

    You will learn :

    • to setup a digital audio workstation on your PC

    • the basic functions of a DAW like record, edit, cut, paste, fade in/out, inserting plugins (eQ, Compressor)

    • Learn & understand basic concepts of audio & volume balancing

    • Be given a set of audio files to balance


    • a working PC with headphone / speaker system
    • general ability to use a PC 


    Do you want to record or produce your own sound/song materials?  

    Do you want to edit & mix background tracks for your advertisements/presentations? 

    Do you want to work more efficiently when it comes to audio?  

    If your answer is yes, then this is the course for you.   

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