Microphones Techniques

    Microphones Techniques - How They Make or Break Your Performance

    Microphones are used on live stage, rostrum, online video conference, mobile phones and video recording.  They can make or break what you are communicating.

    This is a 3 hour course to impart skills on microphone usage for singing and  speech.  Besides teaching, there will be practical demonstration as well.  We will help you sound better, captivate your audience & communicate better.  Here is an outline of what’s covered:

    • The importance and correct usage of microphone (mic), standards in the ‘new norm’

    • Introduction to 2 types of mic - condenser & dynamic

    • Which mic to acquire - the pro and cons

    • Mic techniques for live performers and online sales call - polar patterns & controlling background noises, reducing pops, sensitivity, close proximity effect

    • Using mic techniques to reinforce voice inflections 

    • Getting a good setting before distortion - signal to noise ratio

    • Mic feedback loop (echo noise)

    • Speaking with confidence into a mic 

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