Mr. Keigo obtained his Master’s degree from The Institute of Graduate Studies, University of Malaya in Malaysia and even with more than 14 years experience of teaching Korean as a foreign language under his belt, Mr. Keigo’s passion for sharing the Korean language and culture has never faltered. He has been teaching Korean to Malaysians since his language centre was established in 2007 and knows exactly how to help them understand and remember his teachings. Having abandoned his career as a Nano researcher to pursue his dreams of educating Malaysians about the Korean language and culture, Mr. Keigo is no doubt passionate about his craft. He also has a talent for singing and has performed in front of huge audiences, so he might sing for you if you insist enough! You often hear peals of laughter coming from his classroom as he never fails to add in a dash of humour whenever he’s teaching. He makes sure to put a heavy focus on speaking and conversational skills when he teaches his basic classes and has received endless praise from students for doing so. Mr. Keigo is also actively promote international trade between South Korean and South East Asian SMEs. He introduces South Korean SMEs to Malaysian or Southeast Asian counterparts within the industry and bring Southeast Asian SMEs to private non-profit trade organization such like GBC Korea, KOTRA and Korean National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives to meet with potential South Korean business partners in pre-matched meetings. He persistently cultivates high potential talent Malaysians Korean speaker to get intense involved in business trade with Korean SMEs in the future. 


1. Korean Language Education 2. Korean Interpretation and Translation Services 3. Development of K-Pop and K-Culture Talents 4. Korea-Custom Travel Planners 5. Korea Biz-Matching

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