Keigo's K-Food - Fermented Healthy Kimchi Making Workshops

    We are making the classic fermented healthy cabbage kimchi 배추 김치 and kimchi pancake 김치전.

    This is a 120 minute class conducted via ZOOM.

    You can store in air tight bottles in your refrigerator and they will still remain fresh for months. We are organizing a Kimchi class which you can take in  comfort from your own kitchen . Imagine, you can now taste your own kimchi you made all by yourself. Isn't that amazing!

    You need to purchase some of the ingredients by yourself. They are easily available in most reputable markets. We shall send you pictures and the measurements after your have registered.

    The total weight of the 2 portions of Kimchi will be at least 1.5kg.

    You need to purchase and prepare the following ingredients yourself.

    1. Carrot - 1 piece
    2. White Radish -1piece
    3. Red Chilli - 20 pieces
    4. Yellow Onion -1 large whole
    5. Papaya - 1 medium (ripe) whole
    6. Golden Pear - 1 whole
    7. Spring Onion - 1 stalk
    8. White granulated sugar - 2 teaspoons
    9. Fresh Ginger - 1 piece say 3" in length
    10. Chives - 5 stalks
    11. Onion leaves - 5 stalks
    9.  Air Tight  Container for your Kimchi
    10. Electric Blender
    11. Non Stick Fry Pan

    12. Plastic gloves

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