Cambridge English | B1 Preliminary - 11 months course

    Course Highlight

    B1 Preliminary is an intermediate level qualification in practical everyday English language skills.

    It follows on as a progression from A2 Key and gives learners confidence to go on and study for higher level Cambridge English Qualification such as B2 First.

    What will you learn from the course?

    All four English language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    What you gain after completing the course?

    B1 Preliminary qualification shows that you can read and understand the main points from signs, newspapers and magazines.

    It also shows that you are able to use vocabulary and structure correctly and able to follow and understand a range of spoken materials including announcements and discussions about everyday life.

    Finally, it shows how good your spoken English is as you take part in conversation by asking/answering questions and talking, for example, about your likes and dislikes.

    What will you bring back?

    Upon completion, it should give you the confidence to go on and study for higher-level exam such as B2 First.

    Yes, a certificate of completion with digital verification record issued by Pusat Bimbingan Saw and endorsed by Reskills and Cambridge Assessment English.

    What does the course fee include?

    Inclusive of all the learning materials.

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