Graphic Design Workshop – Canva Tutorial

    Graphic design can help manage the attention span of an audience and keep them glued to the content. This is why graphic design is essential in any marketing strategy. Graphic design includes banners, logos, packaging, illustration, and editing.


    Contrary to popular belief, graphic design is not difficult. Well, it could have been. But, thanks to the emergence of new technologies, we can perform miracles! Many tools and software have been developed to assist us in the editing of photos and graphics. One of these is Canva, an online design tool.


    In this workshop, you will learn how to use Canva to edit and design graphics.



    DAY 1: Learn how to design banners, product covers and posters on Canva. (2 hours)

    DAY 2: Learn how to design and edit videos on Canva (2 hours)

    DAY 3: Learn how to create a stunning and animated Canva presentation as an alternative to PowerPoint Presentation (2 hours)


    This is for you if:

    • You want to work as a freelance graphic designer.
    • You want to design graphics for your own business.
    • You love art.
    • You want to upskill yourself.
    • You want to design graphics for yourown social media accounts.


    This will be an exciting 3-day interactive workshop! Don’t miss this! See you in class!

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