What makes you happy? What isn’t working in your life? What would your ideal life look like? What do you need to do to get that life? Do you have a life plan? Have you ever thought about how to make a life plan? Most people haven’t, but they should.

    If you feel out of balance or do not know yet your life plan. Coach Adri will share with you in making a life plan and how to maintain a healthy life balance as businessmen, students, or individuals.

    Here is what you will receive in this online workshop with me:
    1. You will create a powerful vision of what you want in all important areas of your life.
    2. You will set SMART goals for this year, which will help you achieve.
    3. You will get a big picture for your life that will automate your focus so that nothing will distract you from achieving your goals.

    Being happy and successful is not only about what you do it’s also about what you don’t do.  

    Take a helicopter view of your life with Coach Adri using LIFE MAP AND GOAL SETTING CANVAS and make priorities in your life. Let's join Life Planning and Goal Setting Workshop Training with Coach Adri. 8 hours of your life that I guarantee will change it forever!

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