Key Account Management in Building Great Business Partnerships


    Key Account Management (KAM) is about managing your client’s relationship more effectively and successfully with them. Key Account Management go beyond traditional selling, and it requires strategic planning to handle and manage your key customers.

    The Key Account Management role is so important for any organizational success or failure. Key Account Management is required as they begin to realize that their sales revenue is relatively higher when it comes to long term relationships selling together with a deeper understanding of the customer requirements. Finding the correct strategy for each and aligning strategy, tactics and resources accordingly is at the heart of Key Account Management.

     In today’s market, the KAM role is getting more and more complex, and is also difficult to manage compare to regular sales activities. As you are aware, the business stakes are high, and we have very powerful customers who have high expectation from their supplier. The Key Account Managers are required to equip all the necessary skills to sell and to manage the customer more effectively

    This program focuses on creating a structure for account management personnel to develop a strategy to manage the critical customer relationships that ensure business success. This leads on to examining the operational processes required for effective account management and good working relationships between both parties. Techniques for increasing the penetration throughout the depth and breadth of the account are covered. In addition, the key issues of handling meetings, negotiations, building buyer needs, and understanding the emotional influencers which motivate people to buy, are also examined and discussed.This program provides tips and ideas to assist delegates achieve successful high value account management.


    • A clearly defined, and dynamic approach to enhancing your management of your Key Accounts not just for the present, but more importantly, for future business
    • Tools to clearly identify your Key Accounts and how to segment them for maximum account management impact
    • An insight into the key strategic and operational processes, as well as the marketing principles, that will enable participants to understand the importance of getting their account strategy right
    • Techniques for building the best relationships with your Key Accounts
    • Construct a key account team poised to maximize success
    • Identify needs from the buyer’s perspective, strengthening and deepening your ability to create value
    • Set the agenda and get your project at the top of the buyer’s priority list
    • Engage in effective sales negotiation conversations
    • Develop, plan, and execute a winning sales negotiation strategy for pipeline opportunities
    • Develop essential key account management skills, learning how to effectively manage your most valuable existing accounts, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.
    • How to apply our best practices and planning during the implementation a key account management of your choice.
    • Identify needs and requirements from the customer perspective, and how to strengthen and deepen your ability to create value for your key account’s customers

    • Program Outline ( 2 Days )

      Module 1: KAM Overview

      Module 2: Customer Engagement

      Module 3: Account Planning Process

      Module 4: Negotiation Planning

      Module 5: Leading a Key Account Management Team

      Module 6: In Store Execution & Tracking

      Module 7: Customer Service Levels

      Module 8: KAM Meetings, Reports & Scorecard

      Course Summary – Developing your Action Plan


      Online synchronous interactive classes, Course notes, Videos, Learning Assessments


      Who should attend:

      This KAM training are for those who are responsible for managing key customer accounts, or aspires to develop into a key account role, will definitely benefit from this training program. Other key Managers from other disciplines who are responsible for liaising with key customers as part of an account management team, New Business Development Professionals, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and Key Account Support team will also benefit from attending this KAM training program



      Requirements: Computer with strong internet connection, webcam, microphone and Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform.

      When is the Class ?

      Date : Refer to schedule 👉

      Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm (GMT+8)


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