Demand Planning and Inventory Optimisation

    OVERVIEW This program has been developed to communicate industry best practices in the area of inventory management and demand planning to Supply Chain professionals. This workshop aims to provide the necessary technical background to enable attendees to develop & implement new practices & procedures in supply chain management into their own business units. Inventory Optimization is a Key lever to manage cash as well as De-risk against uncertainties of Demand and Supply . Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management are tightly intertwined, this training will help you understand this dependency and address possible improvements in the process of Data capture or Data processing for better Demand forecasting. The objective of this training is to empower Supply Chain Managers to leverage the power of demand planning and to incorporate the best practices in materials management. LEARNING OUTCOME • Explain Demand Planning essentials in forecasting, the role of the Demand Planner and appropriate links to the sales organization. • Understand and apply basic tools and techniques for driving effective demand planning, including statistical techniques, development of forecasting models, data analysis and use in forecasting, measurement and analysis of demand planning accuracy and managing exceptions. • Understand the link between demand planning and how it quantifiably affects inventory and asset investment to the organization. • Manage Inventory scientifically by measuring KPI, establishing safety stock and reorder point • Leverage statistical forecasting techniques for creating and communicating the demand plan with commercial and manufacturing partners • Understand and apply the principles of forecasting, including statistical techniques, accuracy measurement, data management and filtering, and application of modeling to forecasting problems THE TRAINING WOULD BE USEFUL FOR: Organizations looking to improve their service level and reduce their Inventory levels or currently facing issues with: • Huge working capital locked up as Inventory • Low Inventory turns • High SKU count • Varying Demand patterns • Low Demand Forecast accuracy

    Program Outline

    ·                  Demand Planning and Management

    ·                  Purpose of Inventory – Introduction to Inventory Management Principles

    ·                  Introduction to Forecast Modelling

    ·                  Forecast Accuracy

    ·                  Collaborative Demand Planning

    ·                  Integrated Sales and Operations planning – Demand /Supply Planning

    ·                  The S&OP Score-card

    ·                  Developing the Demand Consensus Process

    ·                  Promotional Planning

    ·                  Principles of Inventory Management

    ·                  Inventory Optimization

    ·                  ABC Classification for Inventory

    ·                  Measurement and KPIs for Inventory Management

    ·                  Industry Best Practices

    ·                  Course Summary – Developing your Action Plan


    Online synchronous interactive classes, Course notes, Videos, Learning Assessments


    Who Should Attend

    1. Demand Planners

    2. Forecast Analysts

    3. Forecasting Managers

    6. Analysts in the Supply Chain

    7. Inventory Planners

    8. Operations Planners


    Requirements: Computer with strong internet connection, webcam, microphone and Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform.

    When is the Class ?

    Date : Refer to schedule 👉

    Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm (GMT+8)


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