Corporate Finance

    A knowledge of finance is needed in order to successfully operate a business of any size. Corporate Finance concentrates on the finance essentials needed to run a business, including fund raising, internal cash management, and the deployment of funds to dividends, capital expenditures, investments, and acquisitions. It also addresses such core issues as how to develop an appropriate capital structure and determine the best types of available funding.

    This program is designed to provide a strong foundation in the principles of corporate finance, approaches of corporate finance and an opportunity to apply relevant principles to practical and managerial decisions. The subject is designed to enable the student to understand the decision making process that a company usually adopt before accepting any projects which are in line with the company objectives of maximizing shareholders’ wealth. Greater emphasis is given on the determination of relevant cash flows from a project and the impact of short term and long term financing these projects have on its capital structure with the consideration risk and return. This program also covers time value of money and dividend policy. It provides necessary knowledge in evaluating different management decisions and its influence on corporate performance and value.

    • Explain the nature and concept of corporate finance;
    • Explain financial markets and corporations;
    • Understand important concepts and techniques used by corporate finance professionals
    • Understanding the Basics Principles of Accounting
    • Fundamentals of Financial Statements - Balance sheet, Income statement, and Statement of Cash flow
    • Interpretation of Financial Statements and Ratio analysis
    • Understanding the Sources of Funding, Capital Structure and Cost of Capital
    • Understand the Business Valuation ratios and Basic concepts of Business valuation
    • Analyze corporate investment and financing decisions;
    • Explain how investment decisions are made using capital budgeting decisions;
    • Determine how valuations are influenced by factors such as risk and financing;
    • Understand how corporate financing decisions are made
    • To analyze mergers and acquisitions of various types,
    • To show the ways of capturing the value drivers through mergers and acquisitions
    • Develop relevant computational skills and master financial analysis;

    Program Outline ( 2 Days)

    Module1: Introduction to Corporate Finance

    Module 2: Fundamentals of Accounting & Understanding Financial Statements

    Module 3: Financial Statement Analysis

    Module 4: Sources and Forms of Financing

    Module 5: Cost of Capital and Capital Structure

    Module 6: Financial Analysis of Capital Investments and Strategic Initiatives

    Module 7: Mergers and Acquisitions

    Module 8: Business Valuation

    Course Summary – Developing your Action Plan


    Online synchronous interactive classes, Course notes, Videos, Learning Assessments


    Who should attend:

    Non-finance professionals who want to increase their knowledge of financial language, communicate with other finance professionals, and understand the financial aspects of business

    Professionals with some background like Tax consultants can also benefit from this course. Professionals who want to make a career in Investment Management, Investment banking

    Requirements: Computer with strong internet connection, webcam, microphone and  Microsoft Teams  video conferencing platform.

    When is the Class ?

    Date : Refer to schedule 👉

    Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm (GMT+8)

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