Strategic Supply Chain Management - 2 Days

    OVERVIEW Supply Chain Management have been among the fastest evolving business disciplines over the past 2 decades. The continuous arrival of innovative concepts and techniques into the mainstream has resulted in a non-stop journey of learning and development for professionals in supply chain and logistics. Organizations around the world are developing internally to combat external fluctuations to remain Developing new methodologies and sustaining it across the core activities of the chain provides a variety of options in cost reduction and efficiency. The Value chain of an organization is getting more and more refined, dynamic and resilient to sustain in this highly competitive and complex environment. Supply chain activities allow organizations to be prepared for external uncertainties. An effective and efficient Supply Chain Management renders unparalleled advantage to the organizations operations thus making it dynamic and cost efficient competitive and relevant. Supply Chain Management underlines the core activities of an organization. This Supply Chain Management program is designed to enable participants to be exposed to the latest ideas, concepts and current Best Practices within the field of Supply Chain Management. The Primary objectives of this course is to provide the participant with the critical Knowledge of logistics and supply chain management and the ability to apply this information in the work place, locally or globally LEARNING OUTCOME • Obtain a holistic understanding of Integrated Supply Chain Management and the core activities • Identify the key factors to be considered when designing a distribution network • Analyse the Supply chains they work in and their roles from customer’s viewpoint • Strategic Cost Management, Minimize costs and enhance your customer value through effective development and management of supply chain network. • Consider the Networks of relationships, sustainability and product design, as well as the logistics of procurement, distribution, and fulfilment • Examine the tools, core processes and initiatives that ensures businesses gain and maintain their competitive advantage. • Understand the major drivers of supply chain performance and SCOR • Balancing Demand and Supply with an Effective Integrated Sales and Operations Planning • The Importance of Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain Management System • Risk Management & Building a Resilient Supply Chain - Lessons from COVID 19 • Understand Supply Chain Analytics (Big Data) by using data-driven intelligence to your business, reducing overall cost to serve and improving service levels • Improve Supply chain performance; benchmark against Best Practices

    Program Outline ( 2 Days )

    Module 1: Understanding Total Supply Chain Management

    Module 2: Achieving Strategic Fit and Scope

    Module 3: Supply Chain Drivers and Metrics

    Module 4: Designing Distribution Networks & Network Design  

    Module 5: Supply Chain Globalization and Sustainability 

    Module 6: Demand Planning & Forecasting in a Supply Chain

    Module 7 : Strategic Cost Management

    Module 8 : Building a Resilient Supply Chain

    Module 9: Course Summary – Developing your Action Plan



    Online synchronous interactive classes, Course notes, Videos, Learning Assessments


    Who should attend:

    •           Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals

    •           Senior and Mid-Level Supply Chain Managers and Executives

    •           Manufacturing Managers

    •           Marketing and Customer Service Managers

    •           Procurement Managers

    •           Anyone interested in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

    Requirements: Computer with strong internet connection, webcam, microphone and Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform.

    When is the Class ?

    Date : Refer to schedule 👉

    Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm (GMT+8)

    Platform : Virtual (LiveWebinar)

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