Programming Drumbeats Level 1

    Learn to program drumbeats on a PC.  I will use Cubase LE, a Digital Audio Workstation, to demonstrate the various methods.  

    In this 3 hours course, you will:

    • Learn what equipment and software are needed and set them up

    • Get 3 sets of written rhythm pattern, each with it’s own beat for verse and chorus, variations, & drum rolls.  Well written drum notes will be furnished

    • Watch my LIVE demonstration to program the drum notes into Cubase LE (DAW)

    • Learn 3 ways to input drum notes: external MIDI controller, MIDI beat designer & drum score

    This course is applicable to:

    • Music teachers and students

    • Drum hobbyists

    • Music arrangers/composers/Music Production Beginners

    • Those interested to pick up a fun skill

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